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Ellie Jones
Ellie Jones
Participation: 2022

De Montfort University, UK

Ellie sets out to link the worlds of fashion and science. Her biotech innovation sought to improve the performance and environmental footprint of smart clothing by translating natures strategies into design. Her concept focused on developing a textile-based hydrovoltaic effect generator (HEG) that uses an electroactive species of bacteria, called geobacter, to transform evaporating perspiration on the skin into electrical current. The current generated could be used to provide a renewable and potentially inexhaustive source of power to the wearable device - which is responsible for tracking the performance of the runner. Using a blend of merino wool, biosynthetic spider silk and Xlance® stretch fibres, Ellie designs a smart seamless knitted sports bra garment that features the textile-based HEG in its construction.