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Kimi Jensen
Kimi Jensen
Participation: 2021

University of Oregon, USA, Master of Science in Sports Product Design

Kimi's idea 'Robo Therm' utilises Merino wool, Hemp, and Supercoiled Bio-based Nylon to automatically regulate body temperature and comfort for female mountaineering skiers. Her fabric innovation is made from yarns containing super-coiled biobased nylon core with a Merino wool outer. The nylon core expands upon heating to open the fabric to allow warm air to dissipate and constricts on cooling to reduce airflow. This non-electronic process means there are no batteries to fail or need recharging. Kimi’s technology allows yarns to be programmed so they can change shape at defined temperatures to warm or cool the skier's body while keeping the skiwear's silhouette. It can improve skiwear performance significantly and would be a game-changer for SALEWA and mountaineering skiers.