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Ivy Whiteman
Ivy Whiteman
Participation: 2021

University of Technology Sydney, Australia, Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles

Ivy’s innovation creates high-performance sportswear that is biodegradable, aids in the rejuvenation of farmland, and promotes circular production.  Lightweight wool performance wear available within the market to date often uses polyester or other oil-based fibre blends to add strength and maintain durability. Ivy proposes a natural, sustainable alternative to create highly durable yet lightweight base-layer and hard-shell jackets. She uses Spinifex micro-fibrillated cellulose (derived from a native Australian grass) as a core in wool yarns to improve strength without using synthetics.
Ivy explains that her idea “creates a sustainable option for brands, without having to compromise on function or performance in both everyday use and extreme climates, thus opening themselves up to the growing eco-conscious consumer market.”