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Dan Winegar
Dan Winegar
Participation: 2021

Winner: SALEWA internship

University of Oregon, USA, Master of Science in Sports Product Design

Skiers need to be able to move freely and dissipate heat during skiing and then stay warm during resting without needing multiple layers of clothing. Dan embraces this challenge and proposes skiwear that adjusts insulation thickness and local articulation – mapping stretch to maintain comfort during and after exercise. He achieves this by data mapping the physiological needs of users to generate smocking patterns to intelligently tailor contouring, mobility, and insulation across garments. These garments have the potential to utilise sustainable fibres like wool in high-performance areas that traditionally use synthetics. The resulting 3-D flexible fabrics can achieve both insulating to cooling modes depending on the levels of skier activity.

Thomas Moe, Senior Product Director at SALEWA commented “Through his project, Dan encapsuled the idea of trapping air in a smart and innovative way. By using one of the oldest fibres, Merino wool, with an intelligent smocking technique with stretch and insulation, supported by data, he open doors for new solutions that we are eager to support and explore with him.”